Delicate Festival

우아하고, 세련된,
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Festival의 합성어

DEFE는 우리가 일하는
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The best moments of our creative experiences have not been come from our talents.

We truly believe that it's because of our attitude, how we break away from our familiar inertia, partnering with our clients, digging deep into their business and finally define how to make them grow together. That’s the way we see it and that’s the way we work.


  • ProjectUI/UX design & publishing
  • ClientTourism Authority of Thailand
  • Date2021. 01~2021. 06
  • LocationOnline

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Seoul Office plans to construct the B To B microsite called Again Thailand” in order to revitalize the Thailand Tourism development and have the continuous tourism business between Thailand Tourism Enterprise (Seller) and Korean Travel Agents (Buyer) under the Corona situation. 

This will play an important role to prepare the upcoming tourism business stage when the travel resume to Thailand from Korea and overcome the current difficulties with the speeding up the recovery of Thailand tourism industry. 

We would like to invite Thailand tourism companies as many as possible but due to practical difficulties in the progress, only selected companies are invited.


This site is scheduled to launch on the early of January, 2021.